Europe's Top snow scoop and snow shovel available now!

Finman Ltd® is manufacturer on snow tools with 20-years experience.
Finman® brand is the largest competitor of Fiskars brand in Finland's snow tools market.

Our snow scoop and snow shovel are result of long-term developing, and that is the reason why they are simply the best in markets. We can also manufacture shovel and scoop with your company name and logo.

Snow scoop
Snow scoop is made of HD-Polyethylene and it stands frost very well. HD-Polyethylene is best material for snow scoop because of its gliding, non-stickable and durability qualities.
It's specialty is 32"/80cm wide and 10"/15cm high scoop. Handlebar is three-quarter strong zinc steel pipe which don't rust. It is designed as ergonomic for proper working position. On front of the snow scoop there is extra strong galvanized steel edge which stands consumption and impacts well.
Because of the four strengthen consumption rails underneath the scoop, angle of the handlebar and total weight of 10lbs/4.5kg our snow scoop will be lightest to handle in the markets.

Snow shovel
We manufacture snow shovels from two different raw materials.
Durable ABS plastic which stands impacts and frost extremely well. It also suits perfectly for professional and heavy use. ABS shovel weighs only 3,1 lbs/1.4 kg.
HD-Polyethylene know as Poly, is more lighter then ABS plastic and stands ages in regular household use. Poly shovel weights only 2,9 lbs/1.3 kg.

Finman® snow shovel grip is ergonomically designed and handle is made of strong birch wood. Size and model of the scoop is designed to collect big loads of snow at the time.
These features will make our snow shovels best ones in the markets. Optional aluminum reinforced edge on front of the scoop.

Finman® snow tools are made in Finland.